Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holgraphic card

I tend to buy up on eBay, other peoples craft clear-outs. One batch I received ages ago contained a load of holographic card. Personally I find it a bit gaudy, but also way too interesting to cover it up either. So for several months now its just been sitting in my card collection. I really have no idea what inspired me to use it for my brothers birthday card. It just popped into my head. 

In fact I enjoyed using the holo card so much, I am thinking of using it in other ways. Whether the photos show it or not it actually looks quite awesome under electric light. I am hoping that if he displays it, when he is walking past it, it will catch his eye because it really does shimmer and move.

For the back, I ended up using dies and punches. I also made an envelope...and I did not use wallpaper this time! lol.

I actually finished this card before I went into hospital, but did not have time to photograph it. I photographed it under my daylight craft lamp to try and bring out the colours and give a true-er impression of the actual holographic effect.

This is the front of the card:

The back;

Flower detail:

Front of the envelope:

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