Friday, September 10, 2010

Fabric card for a young Goth lady

Hello again, 2 postings in one day and changed the look of my Blog! Busy busy busy.
 I've just completed and sent this card for my Brothers Girlfriend who is a Goth with leanings towards Steampunk. I wanted to make a shabby chic fabric card but it had to be in dark colours. I made all the flowers, the back and front of the card is based on black velvet. 

I followed the colours on the centre image which I felt was appropriate for this card.

The image is actually covered over with acetate. I did try printing it onto fabric but my laser-jet printer did not want to know. I'd like to do fabric printing so I need to get the correct transfer papers to do this.
The frame surrounding the actual image was my first use of the new 'ruffler' foot I bought for my sewing machine. It worked a treat. There's going to be ruffles everywhere now! They are 'sew' easy to do! 
My machine is about 20 years old, and I now find myself drooling over new or used ones on eBay that do lots of fancy stitching.

Envelope made from usual.

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