I was a very very good girl with this and only added the one embellishment, the white flower on the front, considerable restrain and disciplined from me!
Here is the front of the card again. As it happens I was pleased to of found this particular photo because he owns a little dog somewhat like this one.

For those who speak French fluently, I apologise now for my French, no doubt I have made grammatical mistakes: If you do not speak French it says (I hope):
Don't know how to relax after surgery?  Then...learn from the Masters of the art of  relaxation
I 'joined' the album together with a couple of brads and added a peice of matching paper on the back of the brads/card:

The first opening is this:

Says: This... is how the experts do it. Look at them and learn well. The right page reads: Well relaxed yes? Its really easy. Like this.
The background of the left page is stamped in the same manner as the envelope. I just love these Cat images, but then I am a cat person.
  I used fabric textured brown backing paper on the left page which says the equivalent of: Have a cat nap.....often.
On the right side, the backing paper I printed off and added a frame to the photo. Reads: Relax with your family.
 Zen on the left, obviously, background printed off. The pink kitten: It's a perfect opportunity to think a little. Again, printed off some backing paper.
DONT MOVE! Handmade backing paper, picture at an odd angle just for a giggle. Red stamped wriggly excalamation marks. Right: Be laid back. Be still. Real backing paper used!
This is a common position for men to take, sat in an armchair with junk food, junk drink, and the TV remote control...but not Pierre's usual position! It says: Put your feet up. Textured blue handmade backing paper and some printed out 'ribbon' from a book I bought recently with loads of ancient patterns in. I photographed some and joined rows together in photoshop.
Right: Get well soon.
The Envelope:
1st attempt at stamping: I used up oddments of paper from making the card. I stamped all over the envelope before adding the papers using 3 colours. The little pale blue strip is for me to write his name onto.
If you happen  look at the larger images and see that there is something 'wrong' with the top middle where the pages join together, it's because I had to pin back the pages open with a bulldog clip and then removed it in photoshop. But then of course I had to fill in the blank space with the cloning tool and I am no expert!


The French do not really give cards....but I'm not French, any excuse eh?
My 86 year old very sprightly neighbour has just had a minor operation, so I made this 'get well soon' card for her.
The flower was my first attempt at singeing the edges of petals.
The background paper is a peice of handmade covered with a kind of nylon netting with yellow dots which I also used to make the flower.
This time with the embossing I placed it in reverse, coloured lightly with a bit of ordinary chalk.
This sits on top of screwed up and inked green tissue paper which was too bright so I toned it down with some white ink.
I used these pale green colours as they are easy on the eye..she had an eye op, and because it reflects the springtime.
I made an envelope for it, which turned out nothing like the card!  The envelope was made from wallpaper liner, which is ideal because I can make any sized card now, saves trying to source large paper sheets.
Also a 1st for me is the use of Nellie's multi~frames.  I've had these a month or so, was not quite sure what to do with them as they dont cut paper all that well, despite crushing them to death in my cuttlebug, which started to burst at the seams, and I had to hold together!
MERCI or 'thank you card'
Made entirely from wall paper except for the black backing card.
A very kind Frenchman found me 4 wallpaper sample books for no other reason than because he could.
So I made this card for him to show my appreciation.
I have also made a matching envelope for it.


Created February 2010
Recycled, Womans.
I was not sure which catagory to put this card in being as it is for a female. I think there are enough female card photos on the Womens card page as it is, most of them are for birthdays. Plus this card contains some recycled elements, so it could of gone on the recycled page. Decisions decisions!
So decision made, its living on this page!

The background 'scene' if you like, is a small part of an abstract watercolour I painted years ago.
The embossed part is in fact the inside of an empty milk carton. It is a nice thick silvery matt finish, I just brushed a bit of blue chalk over the embossing to highlight it and bring it in keeping with the 'blue' theme.