Friday, June 10, 2011

Blue card

I began by thinking about making a tag, maybe one that folds, perhaps including one with a bit of Vintage French lace and a bit of a vintage French postcard.........and so it went on. By then I'd got the bit between my teeth and ended up making a proper birthday card! 

Couldn't stop myself...........

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1st Birthday Card

Pink and Girly. That was my friends instructions to me to make her Granddaughters 1st Birthday card. 

As anyone knows, I have great difficulty with 'baby' cards, this was no exception, but I did decide to let the inside be fairly plain this time.

I used a Vintage French postcard in the center, and basically anything Pink I could find. The envelope, I totally covered in crystal organza. Annabella was embossed onto vellum. What I did was printed out the name in the font, reversed it, embossed the vellum on a piece of firm sponge, using the print off as a direct template.

I used lots of fabrics on the front, made my own flowers as usual. Shame the whole thing is a bit 'blocky' all squares and straight lines, inspiration was lacking. 

The lady who ordered it has asked me to make another card, so she couldn't of been too disappointed with this rather uninspiring (I think) effort.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Nothing to do with crafting. Mr Milo

I was only going to use this blog for showing my craft work, but under exceptional circumstances I feel the need to share with you all an expected but all the same, a saddening event in my life.
Not everyone will understand or sympathise. My Cat Mr Milo has died. If any of you have read my profile you will know I mention him there.

We were together for 15 years. I got him from a rescue center as a young adult, which makes it longer than any relationship I have had EVER! He had been ill with kidney failure (CRF) for the last 5 years, gradually deteriorating, but seemed happy enough. These last 2 weeks he just plummeted. His mouth was rotting with terrible Ulcers, which meant he was not eating anything. 2 lots of antibiotic injections and cortisone later, nothing changed. Yet his Blood tests did not show severe CRF levels. Maybe it was just age?

The vet did another blood test and discovered he had bone cancer and the blood levels showed that he would not recover. 2 options, put him to sleep or 2 cortisone injections. Well of course he'd already had those.

I decided to take him home and let him die with us, in comfort, in his home. That night he was really bad, I slept downstairs with him, administering water, keeping him comfy, talking to him. I battled all night without sleep as to what to do.

At 7 am he sat bolt upright and had a drink, then collapsed again. I moved him into the dining room, where it would be quieter for him, as Bob has the TV or radio on all day, and settled down next to him.
 He then looked at me directly in the eye. OMG, it was awful. His beautiful yellow green eyes looked grey and dull, and said 'I am suffering so much'. As soon as the vet opened I called him in to put him to sleep. I felt so relieved to of taken away his misery, I definitely made the right decision, but my god, I am devastated all the same.

My lovely Mr Milo, he is no longer here, except laying beautifully wrapped up in the ground.  It is going to be so hard without him. Even Bob who was never a cat person was in bits, much to his own surprise! 

It is the end of the most wonderful epoch in my life. I never had or wanted children, so in some ways I guess Milo was the next best thing, but I always treated him as an adult person not as a child. When we lived in the UK, it was just me and him for years. Those were great times together. 

I am going to miss his cuddles, even though he liked to be a 'face hugger', his chatter and our daily walks. Then there was his role as 'inspector of works' every-time either Bob or myself worked on something outside, he'd come and watch us working.

Today Bob bought me a bouquet of roses, with a note that said lots of love from Bob & Mr Milo.  Lovely idea, but it set me off sobbing again.
I have placed photos of him all around the house. This is not morbid, I just need to get that image of his poor eyes out of my head. I don't want to remember him that way.

We plan to make a shrine type thing where he is buried, somewhere I can go and place things on it and as a point of reference. Not so much for Milo, but more for my own sanity, where I can indulge in self deception by talking to him. 
I am too cynical to believe in life after death, billions of people and animals have died, there's no-one who has ever crossed back over to confirm it. That is just life as it is, the reality. 

I hope you enjoy the photos of my Sweety pie, also known as 'The black assassin'  due to his mouse hunting skills. He was always useless at catching birds lol. 

Reste toi tranquil M. Milo x x x x

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fabric Friendship album & thank you card

I thought you might like to see the packaging I made for the Friendship book. I used oven paper and a vintage French embroidery magazine, all sewn together as a wrapper. I stuck some cut out words all over it.

Then I tied it up with some plaited braid I made out of all the scraps I had left over from making the book.

This time I made a tag too, again with paper and fabrics and other bits and pieces.
You can get the general idea of the size of the book by the photo of me holding it in my hand.

The other day, someone did me a favour so I made this quick thank you card, took me all of 20 minutes! Which makes a change!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friendship fabric book now finished!!

Hoorah, the cover was finally done today, so thats it, I'm done! It has taken me about a month to complete the whole thing but I have enjoyed every minute of it. I did not rush it, only a couple of hours a day, sometimes more sometimes less, I just went with my 'mood'

The closure is a glass bead which I removed today and placed a brass keyhole thingy on it and then sewed the  glass 'button' back on. I wrapped fine copper wire around the Sun ornament, placed it onto a flower I made ages ago as the colours were right, then onto a horrid gold sequinned star which has nice fibre and gold sequins bursting out of the edges, then a couple of white feathers and an odd bit of fabric left over from making the closure. Oh yes, and added 2 blue roses with a bit of bronze coloured mica painted on.

The 3 little roses type flowers I made by twisting odd bits of fabric and organza that were left over, still have'nt got the hang of this method yet.

The spine: I photographed the word 'Friendship' from my Dictionary, photoshopped it then sewed it over with bronze organza, which I then edged with some  lace. Topped off with a couple of antique style brads.
And, that is about it.
Tomorrow I am going to make some fancy wrapping for it before I post it to my friend on Monday.

The whole 'book' is quite sparkly, which really does not show on the photos. These latest photos, I messed around with alot, blurs, textures, masks thanks to an inspiring site: Kim Klassen  Great and really simple tutorials on creating these effects. I am still surfing her site. Some PS sites with tutorials are not very relevant I find but most of Kims tutorials are things we'd all like to do with our photos.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friendship book page H & cover

Still not finished! The H page is done, which did ot photograph very well, but you get the idea.
For the cover I used some sumptuous raw silk beaded fabric. I think its bridal fabric. I love bridal fabrics, why dont they make them in different colours?  In order to move it away from the bridal look I drew on it with coloured fabric pens and coloured in some of the pearls. The closure I made from gold raw silk, its padded and I machined over the top and added some blue embroidery. That is not a button by the way, it is from a disassembled Christmas decoration lol.

And no it is not finished. I want to add some embellishments to the front, probably ribbons and another upcycled jewellery piece in the center. 
The weather has been fabulous today so I have been doing things outside instead of crafting indoors. Hopefully I shall get it completed tonight. I already have some ideas for wrapping it up in fabrics and 'stuff'

By the way the H page in particular and the closure was my very first attempt ever at embroidery.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friendship album progress

I have completed the last page 'H' after being inspired by crazy Quilting or crazy patchwork, which ever terminology you wish to use. The whole album is very very nearly finished, the cover is on, odd bits tidied up. All I have to do now is complete the front. I had ideas for this but as usual, they have changed!

Hopefully I shall take photos tomorrow for you to see the finished project.  

Once it is completed I am going to start on another fabric project, a cuff or bracelet with three opening hearts on it containing hopeful messages. This is to be for a friend of mine whose Husband has suddenly become an idiot, she is devastated. If she wears it, she can open up the hearts when she is feeling particularly sad and hopefully gain some inner strength form it. I cannot wait to start it, I have never made a bracelet before.

See you all tomorrow night.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Friendship album page 'S' and Feline CRF

The S page revolves around black, silver and white. I used embossing powders on the letter S, in silver so that was my start point for the 'colours'.
The background paper is handmade, not by me, swirls of greys white and blacks. The 'left' side metal pars are composed of old necklace parts. Both pages contain vintage Chantilly lace. There's also a square of Black velvet under the 'S'.
The last page 'H' I have started to compose, but I dont think I will be able to get it completed for a couple of days as my Cat has taken a turn for the worse, he has CRF, need to get him to the vets quickly, and spend time with him as he has become very clingy. It saddens me so much to see him so poorly, I have to concentrate on getting him reasonably normal again. He was diagnosed 4 years ago, so between us, we have done well to keep him fairly well up to now.
If you have a Cat with CRF, you'll understand. I found a great website for info:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fabric Friendship book page I

Here's page "I" or page 3 of the fabric Friendship book I am currently making.