Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tea cup mini pig easel card

My friend wants to own one of those tea cup pigs. I've never heard of them until now.  It looks to me like an animal you could easily lose in your house!

For her birthday I made this pig themed card. I experimented in making a box style envelope for it....out of wallpaper.... of course, as I always do. It turned out OK, however I did have to reinforce the sides with some chipboard strips.

I treated myself to some circle scalloped  Nestability dies so decided to make the circular 'tag' .  I also put a vellum 'window' on the front of the envelope, but you cannot see through it at all. If I do this again I'll use a bit of clear acetate. 

Thank you to 'The Graphics fairy' for the free sentiments, which I actually copied then modified a little in photoshop. 

The 'tag' that props up the front of the card 'make a wish' was meant to be loose. I'd ordered a couple of fimo pig heads and intended to use them to prop the card up, but they never arrived in time. The whole of France is on holiday in August, and it severely affects postal deliveries. What is the betting they turn up tomorrow!

The scalloped edges on the back of the envelope were done with shaped scissors. That was fun trying to line them up exactly!  I made all the fabric flowers myself, and I particularly like the pink button, as it looks just like a pigs snout. 
Instead of adding leaves to the flowers I wound through some gauze I found in our first aid box. I've been looking for some everywhere, and I had some here all the time, and I have been dying to use it. 
Talking of dying, the next card I am planning will involve having a go at dyeing some of the gauze with my over abundant crop of blackberries.

2 things I wish I could change on this card is to get rid of the brown fibre edging, I don't like it. Secondly, I really must try harder in lining up things straight. I can see it in the photos now that some elements are decidedly on the skew. Well, I am only an amateur I suppose, it looks so unprofessional.

One thing I did learn whilst making this is to tie bows so they sit straight. But I couldn't do this on the back of the envelope because the ribbon was too short and I did not have any-more in that colour. Learnt to do this by following this tutorial at Sharons blogspot:  Created By You Thank you for that Sharon.

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