Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vintage Angel & fairies (7) + a Poem

Hello, I hope you have all had a good weekend? The 25th Anniversary card I am making is coming along, got all the bits and pieces for it, just trying to get the layout right.
I opted to make an Oval card this time and used a Fiskars plastic oval template with a fiskars shape-cutter. Well what a useless piece of sh... that is! It wont cut decent paper, only very thin stuff, despite having it on the deepest setting. I would not recommend it to anyone. In the end, I taped the template to the paper/card and carefully used my craft knife which is becoming wobblier by the day lol.  It did the trick anyway. I should get the card finished tomorrow and then I can start on the envelope.....out with the good old wallpaper books!

   Here's the Anniversary Verse I made up to go on the back:

Happy Anniversary, Husband,  Robert, dear
25 years have been wonderful with you so near
Sharing together the best part of our lives
Through thick and thin, by each others sides.
Today I give to you my heartfelt loving wishes, 
Joyful, that you are here on our very Special day (he works abroad)
And yet, there's just one more thing  that I must say:
My love, My Sweet, kindly go and dry the dishes!

Yes, it's OK, I checked with the Lady who has asked me to make this card, and she thinks it's brilliant! Thank goodness, they both have a sense of humour.

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