Here is the decorated Egg Box for Easter which I made for my best friend and her husband. It has of course chocolate eggs inside, plus a lavender bag and a fridge magnet flower for Each. My best friend is seriously into bright pinks, so the flower I made in very vivid pinks. Her Husbands flower is Red, White and Gold to reflect the colours of his favorite football team.
This box is jammed packed full, I cannot get the lid shut! So I will have to tie it together with a ribbon.
Both my friend and her Husband have a penchant for over the top kitchy things, so with this Egg Box, I hope I've hit the mark.

Made: December 2009
Theme: House Number 12
Occasion: New Home
I made this card for my friend and his girlfriend who have just got their first house together. My friend is the same man for whom I made the Synthesiser card. With this card I chose the 'never ending card' style. Which although fun has lots of very small fiddly squares on it, and I had so much I wanted to incorporate into this card it was hard to fit it all on.
I did quite a bit of research into the numerology of the number 12, their house number. The front door and window are actual photos of their house, the fence and flowers are not. The last page shows a photo of the back of their house.
The sun dial picture is a piece of material with some foam backing.
This was only the 3rd card I have ever made, and although they really loved it, and I enjoyed making it, now, I look at it and think it looks 'tatty' somehow, but there you go, I can say that I have learnt alot in 3 months.
I made a fancy envelope to go with it.
Above: Front of envelope, their address went inside the picture frame.
Below: Back of the envelope