Singers Card
White Card
Purple bling card
Impressionist gate~fold
3 Ladies: Alphonse Mucha
Native American Indian card
'Stained glass' (tissue paper) Cat Card
Kims card: Embellished letters 'K.I.M.'
Anna's card: Au Naturale
Easter Card for my Auntie
Singers Card
Card made 8th June 2010
Theme: Singing
Occasion: Birthday

 This particular card I made this week is for a real tomboy lady's birthday who as well as being an 'off roading' freak in her top of the range Land Rover, likes to sing with 'big band' musicians. So I thought I'd use this as the theme, something a bit glitzy and more 'girly' than land rovers and muddiness. .

I sprayed the chipboard letters with glue then dipped them into fine glitter. I only hope it stays stuck on as I do not know any other way of gluing glitter down.


White card
Card made: May 14th 2010
Theme: White
Occasion: Birthday
Wanted to make a card with no colours, only white. I butchered up a silk flower which I bought a bunch of used ones at a car boot/yard sale, and joined it back together with a brad. The background is a round linen doily. Lace, a bow and some punched out lacey borders, ric rac, bit of vellum and a backing piece of clear acetate, crochet wool, 3 fabric covered buttons. I dont like buttons either (fussy me) but I dont mind those where you cannot see the holes. 
This is the first card where I have actually used my nellie snellen dies. I bought an A6 cutting mat and it works perfectly in the cuttlebug. Saves damaging the cuttlebug plate and it cuts cleaner, in fact a perfect cut, whereas before it was only half done here and there despite me almost splitting my CB in half at the seams by loading it up with tons of shims.
I did not add any ribbon as although I have a fair bit of ribbon, I have none in white.
Back of card below: I hand embossed the back using a light box, which makes it far far easier to see where one is embossing. I used 3 different brass stencils and the punched out and embossed flowers where made from wallpaper I had left over from making the envelope. The message I made on my PC using 'fireworks'. I tried to make the text look embossed as I did not really want to use any colour, even this pale grey.

Everything on the envelope was hand embossed and flattened as much as possible because it had to got through the post. Made with wallpaper

Purple Birthday Bling
Card made: April 10th 2010
Theme: Purple and fabric
Occasion: 6oth Birthday

My first go at a Bling card, or as I'd call it: Glitzy. Glitter, purple fabrics, sequined fabric, gems, bit of velum on the envelope. I added ribbons with sequins on, and used some chipboard shapes which I had only painted white a few days earlier to see how they'd turn out. The loopy chipboard I dabbed over with purple and silver ink. The bow I sparyed with glue and threw glitter over it which was a mix of purple and silver glitter. I nearly cut the tulle bow down as it was large..but what the heck, make it LOUD.
The 'patch' on the front was just one I had in my odds drawer as I did not have time to make something original. 
I also did not have the time to make the flowers for the envelope, so I just punched a load out and added inks and various purple and silver pen marks. I hate punches. Despite attempting to sharpen them they always chew up the paper. I am now dreaming of owning a 'pazzle inspiration cutter', cannot justify the cost of one though.
I also used brads as decoration and to join the two squares of organic cotton to the lilac chiffon which I pleated, to the card. I had some taperstry tape so I used that to grip the fabric to the back of the card. I dont know if thats the way to do it, thats the method I used.
The clear and white printed label under the birthday sentiment was taken from a label that came with a pair of trousers I bought ages ago.
Not entirely sure I am satisfied with the result, especially the layout, but it was a 'rush' job.

This time, I had a go at taking close up angled shots:
The envelope:
Impressionists birthday card
Card made: April 5th 2010
Theme: Impressionist art
Occasion: Elderly female Birthday

This was the card I made 'to order' for a birthday card for a 74 year old 'Mum'. I had terrible problems with it, as the colour scheme was to be pink and brown, and it just did not happen, despite spending a whole day trying to get inspired.

In the end, I opted out of a straight forward square card and had a go at a gatefold.....and then it all happened. I scrapped the colour scheme, but not the theme, which was impressionist art.

It looks fairly bland in the photo, but it turned out to be very pretty and my customer was over the moon with it, so I guess thats all that counts

3 LADIES: Alphonse Mucha
Card made: March 2010
Theme: Alphonse Mucha
Occasion: Birthday

This card contains 3 elements which I have been absolutely itching to have a go at: Making use of Alphonse Mucha paintings, a gate~fold card, and using Anja's embossing stencils.
I did have terrible problems with this colour wise, because I was determind to use some of the Turquoise green wallpaper, but initially the backing card for the wallpaper was bright yellow and it just did not look right. Despite me not wanting to use any inks for 'aging' the paper, I conceeded in the end and coloured the visable cardstock edges with brown, gold and with difficulty, some blue stamping ink which I picked up a bottle of last week for the grand sum of 1 euro!.
Being very limited in the cardstock I do have, I had to join pieces together in the middle, and forgot, went ahead and glued the vellum on the reverse before joining the pieces together...doh! This of course meant the bright yellow cardstock was visable on the back, so out with the inks again. I think I have managed to get away with it.
The card looks far better in real life than in the photos.
I am going to make a matching envelope for it tomorrow.


Card made March 2010
Theme: Kims own name
Occasion: Birthday

Kim is a freelance illustrator and works for greeting card publishers, textile manufacturers and magazines. She has been very successfully designing greetings cards for a living for as long as I have known her, and she is also a fantastic artist which she does in her spare time. The cards she designs are 'commercially' produced, so this is going to be very different for her.
She is quite 'girly' and refers to her life as 'Kims world' so I think this card I made for her will fit in very well in 'Kims world'

 I made a matching envelope, which I will take photos of tomorrow

Card made March 2010
Theme: Natural
Occasion: Birthday

This lavish card is full of dried natural elements reflecting Anna's love of gardening and her 'pagan' beliefs. Some of the embellishments were taken from my own garden. The cardstock was plain white card, I painted the edges with watercolours. The papers were what I happened to have, including G45 paper 'Botanica' which I used on the back.
The right hand flower was composed by me, apart from the cream coloured rose. The bow was made from sack-cloth. Part of the flower has 'string' type petals which I pulled off the sack and glued together in the middle. Just about everything is distressed and edged with distressing inks.
Matching envelope also made.
Surprisingly this card folds up quite well, considering how much 'stuff' I put on it.
And if you are wondering about the verse line implying a 'choice' of date, that is because Anna does not know her date of birth and just chose March the 29th.
I really enjoyed making this card. In hindsight, I would of made it just as 3 folds instead of the 2 additional cuts.
Anna is an author of many books: www.myspace.com/annafranklin2


Card made March 2010
Theme: Cats
Occasion: Birthday

Made for my partners sister who is a cat lover. It is a 'box' style card, a square opening at the front and a round one at the back. The tissue paper 'stained glass' cat was cut out from black card and hangs onto the back of the card to be removed and hung up at her window..if she wants. I covered the back with acetate to protect it a bit.
The paper used was just what I happen to have. I added some flowers were made from the same paper, but I forgot to take photos of them as well as forgetting to photograph the matching envelope. Must pay more attention!

Above: Back of Cat 'stained class' card


Card made Februray 2010.
Theme: Native American Indian
Occasion: Birthday

My friend is very much into Native American Indians so I made this pop up card for her. In hindsight I would of done the pop up differently.
Everything was printed on my PC, and I made a matching envelope too.

Above: Front of the Card

Above: Back of the Card

Above: Front of Envelope

Above: Back of Envelope

Card made March 2010
Theme: Daffodil Flower Fairy
Occasion: Easter
I dont usually 'do' Easter cards but now I've started making my own cards I thought I'd make an Easter Card for my Auntie as she sends me one every year. I always feel guilty not sending one in return, so I hope this card will make up for it a bit.
She loves springtime so I veered towards spring flowers theme.
I only completed the card yesterday, but I am going to make a matching envelope, which I have readied but not assembled yet.
With this card, I did my first bit of 'decoupage' which I have not attempted before. Crikey! its really fiddly cutting out all those shapes!

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  1. When you say you use an A6 cutting mat in your Cuttlebug, do you mean an ordinary self-healing green mat? Do you use it instead of one of the B plates or instead of the C plate? This sounds a good idea if it's going to stop ruining the plates - I've only used my Spellbinders die a couple of times and it's cut right into the plate... Can you give me the "sandwich" recipe please?

    These cards are just gorgeous... Matching envelopes too! Wow.


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