Monday, September 27, 2010

Vintage Angel & fairies (8)

Time warp;
I tell you what...I just do not know where the time goes. Everyday is such a mad rush, so much so that I have taken to running when going from room to room, trying to steal a few seconds here and there in the hope that I can build up a small bank of time use later in the day. 
It certainly does not seem like 24hrs since I posted yesterday.
But I suppose I got alot done, at least this morning, as I made 15 pots of Peach Jam, free peaches from a friends tree, plus I cut up and froze 12 green peppers from my greenhouse and did 3 lots of washing all before 12.30pm. Now I have to design some new labels in PS for the Jams, and design some flyers for Bob as he is selling a few large items. So, that will be this evening taken care of.

Thats my daily whinge over, more images for you tomorrow........

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