I had not painted for more than 20 years when I took it up again about 3 years ago. I used watercolours, which was not the best choice as they are a bit tricky. I've done hundreds of paintings but out of them only a dozen or so are acceptable.
I was never happy with the results. However, I really enjoyed doing the asbstract ones, so now in 2010 I think I will stick to abstract because I can use them in my card making which I feel is more productive and successful than my painting are!
I used one abstract on a Thank you card, which is on the 'Various' page, and of course you may recognise one abstract painting as the background for this blog.

 Above: Inspired by Zoltan Sarbo
Taken from a photo I took of a window sill at a friends house, French house. I actually used the roof of this painting for the roof on the 'New House' card.

I actually painted this owl back in the 80's using poster paints