Thursday, September 2, 2010

Freebies: Vintage dog images

Before I set about uploading the start of rather a large amount of Vintage Dog images, I must tell you about a fabulous blog I have discovered called 'A little bit French'  Now, you might be forgiven for thinking I am biased, because I live in France. Nothing could be further from the truth. The craft items that Ronda creates with lace, linens and fabrics, is pure shabby chic, a style I adore but have not ventured into myself as yet. I do have a big collection of lace and fabrics, as I am very attracted to natural textiles. However, I seem to have more inspiration than time to make anything from them!

Anyway have a look at the gorgeous items that Ronda makes, they look so very tactile. I am sure you will be as taken with them as I am.

OK, onto the dog images. These will be spread out over a few days. I am not going to post them in any particular order, that would take too long. Instead I am just going to upload several at a time in the sequence in which they already are.

Have a great weekend whatever you have planned to do.
See you again tomorrow I hope.

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