Thursday, June 24, 2010

Decoupage cut out Clematis card

How crazy is this? I had to finish this card today (as I said yesterday) to be ready for Friday. The lady who it is for asked if she and her Husband could pop round so he could check his online banking. Sure, no problem, except I was in the throes of making the envelope and my PC is located in my craft room.. So I hid everything, and when they arrived he told me that it was her birthday today!!!! So what should of been an leisurely well thought out envelope front ended up being a mega rush job...and it shows. I am not happy with it. 
I'd already done the embossing and cut out and was planning how to write her name in photoshop and print a greeting and message on the inside of the card. All that went out of the window, and as you can see her name on the envelope is a hash job. Plus I could'nt print the message on the inside of the card because my printer refused to accept the thick cardstock  I'd used which in fact is watercolour practise paper, which is nice and thick, textured and not pure white.
Of course not having the time to prepare an alternative method, I just wrote all by hand. Shame because I spent so much time and consideration on the front of the card and the rest of it is literally thrown together. I would'nt mind but her Husband told me it was her birthday on friday...Grrrrr! I wont mention anything about 'Men' eh?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Butterfly quick card

Hello! I just found out yesterday that it is my neighbours Birthday this Friday, and that it is also my English friends birthday on the same day. She lives in the same village as I do, a newly installed UK escapee. We have people coming to stay Friday, so I have to make 2 cards pretty quick as well as have a real clean and tidy up of the house and garden before Friday.

I managed to make the 1st one yesterday that has butterflies on it, which is not my preferred type of picture. However I had a sheet of these pretty stickers, I liked the colours more than the content. The stickers are lightly glittery, so the grey card I placed behind each one is lightly glittered too, in case you are wondering why on earth I used grey!  The whole card is pearly and I made a sort of matching envelope for it from wallpaper. This card is for my French neighbour.

As I have said before the French do not 'do' cards really, so I wanted to keep it fairly simple. I did put some flowers on it, but it did not look right somehow, it sort of over-complicated it. So the flowers went on the envelope instead.
The birthday card I am going to make next for my English friend, will be a bit more elaborate as she has given me an order to make a 25th wedding anniversary card later in the year. I have a load of ideas that I want to test out!
Thanks for looking,  watch this space,  hopefully I'll have the next card finished by Thursday...fingers crossed.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

3D Rainbow, easel type card

Always use a tripod eh? Especially when you wobble about like I do when trying not to!
So, the photos of the Rainbow card have turned out reasonably good for posting.

I made this for a lady who has always loved bright colours, especially rainbows. She now works for 'Rainbows' which is an organisation in UK which is something to do with children.
Originally I was going to do a basic rainbow easel card, but you know how it is, these things take on a life of their own.
For a change I made my own flowers this time, very thick ones too. The pots of gold I printed on my PC and I added some 'coins' spread out on the ground in front of each pot. The back of the card is clear acetate with a clear 'roof' like section from which I hung a double sided Sun and 2 silver lined clouds, so they twizzle round behind the rainbow.
Getting the lot to stand upright was tricky, in the end I placed a small pull out flap at the back to balance it all. I wont be making an envelope for this one as it would become crushed in the post so its going into a thin box, which I will decorate the inside at least.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Quick blue thank you card

I've spent the last week making a rainbow themed easel card, which I finished today, took a load of photos without use of the tripod and they are all blurry, tut! So I'll try again tomorrow. Meanwhile the ones I took of this blue thank you card turned out fine.

I made this card from some odd bits of paper and raided my 'flower' box. After every card I make, if I have bits of paper left over I punch out flowers for 'later use' as in this card. I added the pearly border because this 'thank you' is in relation to the recipients forthcoming marriage.
I have watched and read loads of tutorials on making various flowers, but I keep using the same old boring. There again, I just wanted something simple and quick for this particular card as I wanted to get it posted out pretty sharpish.
I hope you like it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthday card for a singer

Its been quite a few weeks since I made a card as I seem to of been busy doing DIY around the house and trying to pot up all the 100's of seedling coming through in my greenhouse.
 This particular card I made this week is for a real tomboy lady's birthday who as well as being an 'off roading' freak in her top of the range Land Rover, likes to sing with 'big band' musicians. So I thought I'd use this as the theme, something a bit glitzy and more 'girly' than land rovers and muddiness. .
I sprayed the chipboard letters with glue then dipped them into fine glitter. I only hope it stays stuck on as I do not know any other way of gluing glitter down.