A Selection of various cards I have made for Men, Birthday, get well, New Year etc

Leather Corset or Basque Card:

Ever since I started making cards back in Dec 09, I knew I wanted to make this card for my Male friend whose Birthday it is next week. He is one of those chaps who just loves dressing up, any excuse, fancy dress, whatever. I do know though that he likes clothes bordering on 'fetish' so what a great opportunity to create something like this Corset card, and it was such fun to make.

Leather, Lace, studs, net and ribbon, all the cliché bits and pieces. The back of the card is glossy card stock, a bit difficult to photograph. I made an envelope with a collage of cut out pictures stuck on the outside and the inside. Anyway, I hope you like it too.

When he gets this card he is going to have to undo the lace at the front to get to the inside, just like for real really :o)

I have designed the envelope front (above) so that his address will be inserted into the leather clad Gloved hand as if the hand is holding an address card.

Above, collage inside the envelope, which will probably get destroyed when he opens it.
70th Birthday (French)
Pierre is my neighbour, I do odd jobs for his wife. He is going to be 70 on 25th April. So I made this card with a 70 and 1940 theme.
I have used wallpaper as the backing papers, bank notes stamps and reciepts from 1940. Chipboard elements, loads of distressing inks, and made my own flowers out of pieces of paper left over and where I printed the bank notes out the wrong size.
  Above: In photoshop I cleared out the centre of this bank note and wrote in 'handmade by'. This is glued onto the 'bottom' of the card.

Above: the back of the card showing the additional 'flaps' I had to add so that the card stands up straight.
The envelope is on the large side as the card folds down into a weird shape. The back of the envelope is not 'short' of paper, I just did not fancy doing the traditional type of envelope flaps:
 I was really pleased with the way this turned out above. In Photoshop I 'stretched' the bank note so I'd have space to print our message. It almost looks like it was there all the time!
A better veiw of the 1940's 1000 franc bank note altered and my own text added. It says 'this card made by hand for you, by Janet'

This Card was made for an 'old friend of mine who is an engineering teacher and has been on long term sick, hence the theme.
I ripped up a cardboard box, printed off a load of bits and pieces from my PC and added a few real washers and nuts here and there. I also made a matching envelope.

Front of Card

Below, 'Flower Detail

Inside the card

 This pop up synthesizer card was only the 3rd card I have ever made. Everything was printed on my PC and glued on. Took a bit of working out getting the proportions correct to the eye. It was made as a birthday card for my friend Rich, he plays various music instruments in a heavy metal band.


The 'front' of the card and the back, used alot of my printer ink and in places it did not print very well, but I could not afford to try and print it out again. In fact the back was worse. So I just had to leave it as it was.
On the back I even glued on little plastic feet, which amused Rich greatly.
I did make a matching envelope, it was just plain matt black with the capricaorn logo on the back, the same one as I used on the 'lid'

This is the latest card I have made, 18th March 2010

. Its a birthday card for another friend Keith who is a bit of an 'eco warrior' so the theme was to use endangered species, but celebrating their beauty rather than their imminent disappearance.
The photo of the Bengal Tiger on the front I found whilst leafing through an old photography magazine. I fell in love with it immediately, and as soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what the cards design was going to be and who it was going to be for. The photo is glued onto some very thick 5mm chipboard, so Keith has the option of taking the photo off and hanging it up..if he wants.

 Below is the inside of the card, a beautiful fractal image of an endangered Amur Leopard

  White poppy on the back is a symbol of an Eco group to which Keith belongs to.

I made it from torn up pieces of tissue paper, a dash of pink ink, and half of a punched out Sun in orange, the stamens just yellow felt pen dots. I also added a bit of light brown ink in places to give the impression of shadows.

Below is the front of the envelope I made for it


Another New Year 09/10 Card for my Goth Brother, so its a Goth theme. This card was the second card I have ever made. Again, everything was printed on my PC, including the matching envelope

This Valentines card I made for Bob my partner, he loves it so much, that one month later he still has it on display and changes the pages daily to show a different one.
He is a real fan of a UK TV game show (which I loathe!) called 'Deal or no Deal'. For a giggle I made him a replica 'Deal or no Deal' box with 14 on the front....14th being valentines day.....of course.
Including the outside, there are 8 'sides'/pages to this card

Below is the first card I ever made, for Phil, who received a Ukelele for Christmas, so that was the theme for his New Years card 2009/10. The Ukelele on the front is not flat, but I took the photo of it before I learnt how to get depth with shadows when photographing my cards.
I made the matching envelope, all elements I printed on my PC. This was before I actually owned any card making materials, paper etc. 
In February I made this very jolly card for my 51 year old friend who has been very down in the dumps since his business folded at the back end of 2009. I would'nt normally of sent him a card, but I felt I wanted to try and cheer him up a bit. Apparently it did the trick! I can't beleive I did not take any photos of the matching envelope which was 'wild' to say the least....oh well...never again.