Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pillow Envelope

As promised here's the photos of the pillow shaped envelope I made to accommodate the Curved window card which I showed you yesterday. I don't know if it is really called a pillow shape, that's what I have called it.

I made the flowers from fabrics and made the leaves from the same paper as the envelope which, is as usual, good old wallpaper!

The rest of the decoration is based on the fact that it is for a Wedding anniversary.


  1. Absolutely BREATHTAKING!!! You've done a GORGEOUS job on this creation!!!!!!! WOW...I also wanted to THANK YOU so much for your amazing comment on my blog!!!!! You've made me smile this morning!!!

  2. Jan - that is absolutely BEAUTIFUL... Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Just popping over to look at the card!


  3. Really awesome! Wow. I'm just amazed.


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