Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vintage Angel & Fairy images (15)

Hello, Bonjour,
I have had an excellent day on my 'Baptism' project. I did have intial problem with glue, primarily using a tub of PVA glue I found in my garage, to glue down papers, which went bubbly. Then I remembered a decorator once told me that if it is flat to begin with then becomes bubbly, then do not touch it, because when it dries it will settle back down. Which it did.....thankfully.

Sometime back I bought some acrylic stamps with French words on specifically for this project, but nothing too precise because I want to be able to use them on other French cards. I mention this because I have just this minute found them, yes I'd forgotten I'd bought them.
Well, I'm off as I'm on a roll.............

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