Saturday, October 30, 2010

15th C French Paper mill & images (38)

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.
Today I visited an ancient restored working paper-mill here in France, 15th Century . Very interesting, and now I can completely understand why handmade paper is so expensive. It is quite labour intensive. 
I only bought a couple of sheets of paper. One was A4 made from Leeks of all things, green of course, and another piece is Hemp A3, which is white but looks like a animal has slept on it, sort of fine hairs.
Anyway, here's a few photos if you are interested. Seems I only took photos of the crinkly papers though.
All the papers were gorgeous, made from either pure cotton, hemp or linen, and they were very tactile, felt like plush velvet or suede. The photo above, this paper had come straight off the machine, still damp, hence everyone having a good fondle.

This smoother paper had also come straight out of the machine, and here you can see how many layers it is comprised of. All their papers have a minimum of 10 layers..

Above: A paper dress with a rather large 'hood', which on hindsight I should of photographed from the side.
They also sold inks, made on the premises, not bad at 3.50 euros a bottle. This mill is fairly close to where I live so I can always call in another time for more paper or inks. Here's a link to their website, but it is'nt very informative:  Moulin Du Got

Freebie Angel & Fairy images........

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