Friday, October 1, 2010

Upload problems, Anniversary card, free images

Before I start, I just want to say that I have spent most of tonight trying to post this. Images would not upload, it was driving me nuts. In the end I resorted to using Internet Explorer. Normally I use Google Chrome, and have never had problems, except for tonight. So I tried Firefox (I have all 3 of these browsers) and that would not have it either.
So if you too have been having the same difficulties with your Blog Posts, try using a different browser. Remember that Googlechrome and Firefox browsers are generally more efficient than Internet Explorer, and they are also FREE!

25th Silver Anniversary card.
It does not open up, there is only a front and a back because the lady who ordered it wants to frame it, so there was not much point in having 'pages' that would end up being hidden. Hence the back is fairly plain too.
Because of this 'restriction' I made it an oval shape.  The 'embossed' heart is in fact  part of an embossing stencil, then reversed to create the heart shape. I've been wanting to emboss on shiny cardstock for ages! The little purple spots are left overs from a silver sticker border, I just dibbed a bit of purple in the middles.
The white flowers on the left, hanging down (above photo) I cut from a silk flower bouquet.
I made all the flowers myself, fabrics and vellum, except for the large flower which is made from parts of a silk flower with paper flowers in the centre.

By the way, I chose Lilac as the secondary colour (from silver) because Irises are the flower for 25th Anniversaries. I couldn't find any suitable Iris images but went with their colour anyway.
The background paper is wallpaper which I also used to make the envelope....of course :o)
As it was, believe it or not, the actual card is simplified down to what you see, from all the 'stuff' I wanted to incorporate!

All edges of the envelope have been inked, with ordinary ink, which stuck surprisingly well to the wallpaper.
The little bit of gauze at the top of the tag was a mistake. It was on my worktop when I was making the tag and it accidentally became stuck to the tag. I quite liked it so left it on.

The small metal silver embellishment on the front of the envelope came from an old pair of earrings I had, as I had already used the beads as a dangly embellishment off the lilac flower, on the card, right hand side.

The dates 1985 and 2010, were made in photoshop and stuck inside the 'flap' thing on the tag. 'Robert' the same, also done on some nice bits of soft textured paper I had.

I edged the back cuts with silver border stickers, and added a ready made 3d heart
Finally, the back of the card, created in Photoshop. The full poem/verse can be read on a previous post. I made it up myself, and is quite traditional, except for the last line.
Here are your  Freebie images afterall! More of them tomorrow.

Nearly the weekend! Hoorah!


  1. Hey Jan what a beautiful anniversary card! Just gorgeous. Sorry you've been having pooter probs today and hope it behaves tomorrow. I love your new blog background, by the way!

  2. made all those flowers yourself? They're GORGEOUS!!!! I'm impressed!

  3. The card is beautiful!!

    Try windows live writer...its free and works great!!! I love it!!

  4. Luv the images you are sharing. How generous you are, especially when people charge money for some things that aren't worth much. Thank you. You have a new follower. Karen


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