Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vintage Angel & fairies (19)

Yesterday I received a comment saying how kind it is of me to give away these images. This may be true, but I do take an awful lot from the 'net, blogs in particular, you know, tutorials and inspiration so I feel I should give something back in return. That's my motivation for sharing what I can with other folk.

Today I had a go at tea and coffee dyeing bits of fabric, lace and some rather hideous papers. I do not think I did it strong enough as they do not look that much different! What a waste of tea :o) I will have another look at them when they are dry and may re-do them.

Today's images.........


  1. Hi Jan, I love your attitude of giving something back! That's really great.

    Thanks for your nice post on my blog. It's going to take a while to get really productive with Jiminy Cricut but I did manage to cut a whole sheet of Penny Duncan's leaf trails last night for some thank you cards I'm making. I'm too zonked to do anything today.

  2. Jan.....coming from you the comment you left on my blog touches my heart!!!! I've view your watercolor paintings and your cards in the past and they are SO GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so much for the amazing comment you left on my blog!!! I am truly honored!!!

    BTW, a Hinge Card is a card that does not open in the "normal" has a piece that has a "hinge" of some type that allows part of the card to slide open just as this one opens or slides up.......I hope that makes sense?????


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