Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vintage Angel & fairies (28)

I have to tell you, that, I have felt so well today,  that I actually mowed and strimmed the lawn! Now you may think this is nothing special, but for me it was. I am a professional gardener by trade, although I only work in my own garden these days. However, I have felt so bad/ill this year that I have rarely done the mowing, or indeed much gardening at all, I just have not had the physical energy. Bob has been mowing, but it has to be said that his idea of mowing is to get the job done ASAP, whereas me, I like to make it look good, regardless of how long it takes me.
So, it has been done 'properly' today, and hopefully it will be the last mow of the season, and I am really chuffed to bits that I have actually had the stamina to do it at all. Wonderful!

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