Sunday, October 3, 2010

Found items and Free images (13)

Another weekend shot past. I went to a car boot/yard sale today, which was in the next 'department' , the 'Haute Vienne' an hours drive away.  It was rather a long way to go really, but they are becoming far and few between now as the season winds up.

This particular one was held near to a 'City' (Limoges) and we were amazed at how cheap everything was compared to 'La Creuse' department where we live. 10 or 20  centimes (pennies)
 or 1 euro for this or that. 'Proper' prices. I do not understand it because La Creuse is one of the poorest and least populated departments of France, yet their used prices are ridiculous.
And I thought it was just me being 'cheap' !

I found some very old postcards dating back to 1921. One is a lacy plastic one. Looking through some books I discovered a large book full of printed handwriting. These pages will look great once tea stained.

See's you all tomorrow

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  1. How wonderful to have all these unique and pretty items to scrap with!! They are what make a pages special aren't they!

    ~Gabrielle xx


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