Friday, October 29, 2010

Vintage Angel & fairies (37)

I actually got round to doing some experimental 'crafting' tests today. Namely I wanted to see what effect certain products have on both printed paper and fabric. So I cut up 5 of each of fabric into 12x15" and tore some pages out of a large book. I then proceeded to paint each with PVA Glue, Watered PVA glue, Vernis colle (which I bought recently, translates as Varnish Glue) this turned out exactly the same as watered down PVA! I also tried ordinary wood varnish in both Matt and gloss and liquid resin meant for fibreglass. Oh yes and a spray of something I found in the garage of Letereset Gloss, whatever that is!
  The glue and spray ones dried out quickly so I was able to play around doing samples of inks, pencils, pens, wax crayons, oil and chalk pastels, oil paint, and various types of acrylics.
  I am currently waiting for them to dry and see how they have taken. Then I'll have to make a 'sample' book/journal to keep them in.
  My only comment up to now is that Resin is extraordinarily smelly lol.

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  1. Hi, Angels are all my life, even without the splendor of glory of their images. But i prefer with image. Thanks too much .


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