Friday, March 19, 2010

New Page: Cards for Men

I have tonight begun to upload photos of cards I have made for men, for various occasions. They are now located on a new page called "Cards for men"

I have placed all the Synthesizer, Get well, Valentines, Goth and Amur Leopard photos on this one page. I still have a few more other Cards to put on yet...maybe tomorrow.

Its rather a long page, and I dont like to see blogs that are miles long, they take forever to load. Thus I have to try and figure out how to split them up without using up the allotted 10 pages. I have not even started to load all the Female and Christmas cards yet. I also want to make another page for cards made for 'couples',  and another with the watercolour paintings I have done, making 5 pages earmarked already.

If Anyone knows how I can get rid of the massive gaps between the photos on the Mens Cards page, I would be extremely grateful if you'd let me know how, I've tried loads of things, and its driving me crazy, I hate the waste of space!

Anyway, all the photos I have of these cards have been uploaded tonight to the Mens cards page:

 Goth Card

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