Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recycled cards uploaded!

I pretty chuffed with myself tonight, I am a 'blogger' newby and I have just uploaded about 30 odd photos! I am gradually getting my pages full. I am happy.
All the recycled cards I have made are now on the recycled cards page...of course. At present they are all recycled Christmas cards. Some have been made using FREE wallpaper sample books. Decorating shops throw out their out of date sample books, usually around February, I just managed to get a few in time! There are some excellent textures to be had from these books.
The other cards I have uploaded are one for the 'Couples Page' which is a New Home card, done in the 'Never ending card' style, which was only the 3rd card I have ever made back in Decemeber 2009.
Also uploaded are 2 New Christmas Cards.
I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration from the cards I have made.
Tomorrow I hope I will get time to upload my watercolour paintings. Thats the only page that is incomplete, so hopefully after that this blog will not eat up so much of my time, as I have new cards to make which have to be done this week.


  1. Oh Jan....what GORGEOUS creations ma'am!!!! I came by to THANK YOU for your very sweet comment on my blog and look at the treat I get to see!!!!! I hope you are having a very blessed day!!!

  2. Your cards are gorgeous...you are a true artist.

    One comment critique regarding the blog. It is hard to read what you've posted with the background you've got. Just an observation. ;)


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