Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pop up synthesiser for Rich

This pop up synthesizer card was only the 3rd card I have ever made. Everything was printed on my PC and glued on. Took a bit of working out getting the proportions correct to the eye. It was made as a birthday card for my friend Rich, he plays various music instruments in a heavy metal band.

For the 'front' of the card and the back, used alot of my printer ink and in places it did not print very well, but I could not afford to try and print it out again. In fact the back was worse. So I just had to leave it as it was.
On the back I even glued on little plastic feet, which amused Rich greatly.
I did make a matching envelope, it was just plain matt black with the capricaorn logo on the back, the same one as I used on the 'lid'

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