Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another get this time

Well, here we are, another first attempt at making an album or book, whichever it is classed as. Also my first attempt at stamping having purchased several used stamps, which in this case I used on the front of the envelope. Actually, this card is for the same neighbour, the man I made the 70th card for last week! So he's not doing bad, 2 cards in less than a week.
Anyway, he has just had some minor but important surgery, so an ideal opportunity to make another card! The theme as such is to encourage a very active man to sit still for a month, which he has to do, and which he is going to find very difficult! (Is he not Evelyne????) So it seems that  this card has ended up being rather humourous in content.
Really he is a 'Dog' lover hence the picture on the front. However no other animals have perfected relaxing like cats, thus pictures of cats in various relaxed positions. The overall message to him is:  "look at the pictures of how the grand masters of the art of relaxation do it and learn from them"
All the pages inside can be seen on the 'various' page plus the stamped envelope



  1. The dog in the picture is too cute!!!Your neighbor is going to love his book.Really wonderful!!Warmest Regards,Cat


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