Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bits and pieces

Hi, hope you have all had a great weekend?
We went to a car boot sale yesterday (yard sale/vide grenier, quite a rare occurance in these parts) and I was really pleased to of picked up a few craft items for the grand sum of 10 euros. Theres a dozen or so ribbons, mainly halloween, some great narrow crocheted lace and some ric-rac plus a box of stamps. There are 3 alphabet stamps of various sizes all the letter 'M' I can only think of M-erry Christmas as a use so far. But there are 4 roller type stamps too, endless pattern! These I will definitely use as they are quite a universal pattern. I have not tried them out yet.

I also picked up a couple of balls of 'furry' wool, wool like all crafting products seems expensive to me here in France. One is brown, 1 is black so they are fairly neutral colours, great fibre embellishments.
I know this post is not very exciting, but for me this was a terrific find. Oh yes I picked up a very pretty flat oval enamel broach for next to nothing which if I wrench the fittings from it, it will make a fab embellishment.
As an added bonus there was a guy there who sharpened my all my craft scissors to perfection. I wish I'd taken my secateurs with me!

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