Sunday, April 11, 2010

Purple birthday bling-er

Had a nice day shopping today for crafty bits. There's no craft shops near me so I go to one of those shops that sells off cheap liquidation stuff so you never know what you're going to find. One of the major DIY shops has a small craft section at dreadfully high prices, its cheaper to buy off the internet than buy in France.  I tried 3 different decorating outlets to blag some old wallpaper books, but none to be had, oh well.
  Got a last minite invite to a surprise 60th party and had an afternoon to make a card, which is not much time for me, sometimes I can take a week to make just one card, so it was all a mad rush.
 The lady in question, from what little info I could get from her Husband who rang me, was that she likes purple and into sewing, and that was it.
So this card is covered on various purple shades. I added glitter and lots of shiny things, flowers made in thin sticky back sheets of silver holo, and lots of gems. This is the first Bling card I've made, got glitter everywhere. I'm the same in the kitchen with flour, ends up more in the room than what I am actually cooking. Messy thing me.


  1. Gorgeous - I LOVE purple! (Maybe you already knew that...heehee.)

  2. Welcome to Blogging:) You'll have a blast! I have posted a link to your blog in 2 spots on my blog. I have posted on my recent blog posting and also on my CNS Famous Followers page. A lot of people pop in there and take a cruise around other blogs like yours. And sometimes you'll get followers! Sorry this took so long to get back to you. I just got home:0)

  3. How pretty. Im sure she loved it.


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