Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday Roses

Hello everyone. Today is my birthday 52 years old...nevermind. Today I received a bouquet of roses from my partner Bob. At the moment he is away fishing for a few days so these roses were a lovely surprise.
While he is away I was going to really crack on with some cards I need to make, mow, pot up seedlings, tidy up. Alas, I happen to have systematic Candida as well as experiencing the menopause, today I have not been well, no energy and my brain has come to a standstill. So mainly I have been playing with my PC and CS3 photoshop brushes as you can see in the photo of the bouquet I took. I thought in future I may do this with my card photos to make them more interesting to look at.
Thanks for visiting, I love reading your comments and knowing people have popped in to see if I have been up to anything.


  1. Happy Birthday, Jan!!! Hope the rest of your day is wonderful! xoxox

    (And if it's any consolation, you look 15 years younger!)

  2. "Happy Birthday Jan". Bob is very thoughtful to send you these lovely roses. Hope you had a good day. ikki x

  3. Beautiful roses. Hope you had a great Birthday. ~Chelsea


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