Friday, June 18, 2010

Quick blue thank you card

I've spent the last week making a rainbow themed easel card, which I finished today, took a load of photos without use of the tripod and they are all blurry, tut! So I'll try again tomorrow. Meanwhile the ones I took of this blue thank you card turned out fine.

I made this card from some odd bits of paper and raided my 'flower' box. After every card I make, if I have bits of paper left over I punch out flowers for 'later use' as in this card. I added the pearly border because this 'thank you' is in relation to the recipients forthcoming marriage.
I have watched and read loads of tutorials on making various flowers, but I keep using the same old boring. There again, I just wanted something simple and quick for this particular card as I wanted to get it posted out pretty sharpish.
I hope you like it.


  1. Oooh Jan, that's soooo cool!! I love the flower! What punch do you use?

    What a good idea to make flowers straight away from offcuts, and then store them. Must start doing that. I've got a box full of tiny scraps and I always forget to go there first when I want a bit for something and tend to cut off from a bigger bit, which is rather wasteful, I admit! Having a box of flowers would be great.

    I love the colour scheme of this card. The terracotta accents really set off the blue, and the border is beautiful. Lovely.


  2. Hi Jan - thanks for replying re the punch. I've got a couple of Woodware ones - one round, the other scalloped - and have found they don't like cutting paper much - card seems to work better.

    I was thinking about getting the Spellbinders nestability 4-flower set but it's quite expensive - would give endless variations, though.

    At the moment, just trying to rest and gain enough energy to start crafting again - the enthusiasm is there but it can be frustrating when all I can do is lie on the settee!



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