Thursday, June 24, 2010

Decoupage cut out Clematis card

How crazy is this? I had to finish this card today (as I said yesterday) to be ready for Friday. The lady who it is for asked if she and her Husband could pop round so he could check his online banking. Sure, no problem, except I was in the throes of making the envelope and my PC is located in my craft room.. So I hid everything, and when they arrived he told me that it was her birthday today!!!! So what should of been an leisurely well thought out envelope front ended up being a mega rush job...and it shows. I am not happy with it. 
I'd already done the embossing and cut out and was planning how to write her name in photoshop and print a greeting and message on the inside of the card. All that went out of the window, and as you can see her name on the envelope is a hash job. Plus I could'nt print the message on the inside of the card because my printer refused to accept the thick cardstock  I'd used which in fact is watercolour practise paper, which is nice and thick, textured and not pure white.
Of course not having the time to prepare an alternative method, I just wrote all by hand. Shame because I spent so much time and consideration on the front of the card and the rest of it is literally thrown together. I would'nt mind but her Husband told me it was her birthday on friday...Grrrrr! I wont mention anything about 'Men' eh?


  1. Well, Jan, if you're not satisfied with that... :) :) :) !!! for a rush job, too, it's absolutely stunning! (I know what it's like being a perfectionist lol!) I'd have been thrilled to receive such a lovely card.

  2. Your card is beautiful! Great crafting, ikki

  3. Hello Jan, I'm Fabinou,
    you asked me where to find the angels and frames. The frames can be found on "Shabby Chic Creations" (small shop), they are plaster, and quite fragile, but beautiful. Otherwise, Melissa Frances (a registered Canadian / American) makes too, that you find in various shops of scrap, as "scraprice". Those there are resin, and much more resistant.
    Otherwise, for the angels, they are sold in small claws, and I find them in specialty stores in the festival decoration (baptism, marriage, etc.)
    Thank you for your comment, and you make very beautiful things! I love your cards!

  4. Oh JAN!!!! This card is BREATHTAKING!!!! What a GORGEOUS job you did and I've NO DOUBT she was totally thrilled with this beautiful piece of ART!!!! You DEFINATELY need a personalized stamp to mark your ART!!!!!

  5. Though I am a ENT Surgeon I love crafting and especially cards as a hobby .This is intricate and lovely!


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