Saturday, June 19, 2010

3D Rainbow, easel type card

Always use a tripod eh? Especially when you wobble about like I do when trying not to!
So, the photos of the Rainbow card have turned out reasonably good for posting.

I made this for a lady who has always loved bright colours, especially rainbows. She now works for 'Rainbows' which is an organisation in UK which is something to do with children.
Originally I was going to do a basic rainbow easel card, but you know how it is, these things take on a life of their own.
For a change I made my own flowers this time, very thick ones too. The pots of gold I printed on my PC and I added some 'coins' spread out on the ground in front of each pot. The back of the card is clear acetate with a clear 'roof' like section from which I hung a double sided Sun and 2 silver lined clouds, so they twizzle round behind the rainbow.
Getting the lot to stand upright was tricky, in the end I placed a small pull out flap at the back to balance it all. I wont be making an envelope for this one as it would become crushed in the post so its going into a thin box, which I will decorate the inside at least.


  1. Ooh Jan, what fun! She'll be thrilled with this! I love bits that move, and have used strips of acetate with double-sided bits on the end on my last 2 projects - not only do they make the project lively but they make people laugh too.

    The pots of gold are a brilliant idea. Like your friend, I also love rainbows and bright colours.

    I hope this card survives the post - good idea to make a box for it. My cousin has made cards for years, and often sticks on embellishments, and more than once they have arrived either dislodged or broken.

    I do enjoy your blog!


  2. Oh this is so Beautiful
    You are a great photographer too!
    Such attention to detail


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