Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Butterfly quick card

Hello! I just found out yesterday that it is my neighbours Birthday this Friday, and that it is also my English friends birthday on the same day. She lives in the same village as I do, a newly installed UK escapee. We have people coming to stay Friday, so I have to make 2 cards pretty quick as well as have a real clean and tidy up of the house and garden before Friday.

I managed to make the 1st one yesterday that has butterflies on it, which is not my preferred type of picture. However I had a sheet of these pretty stickers, I liked the colours more than the content. The stickers are lightly glittery, so the grey card I placed behind each one is lightly glittered too, in case you are wondering why on earth I used grey!  The whole card is pearly and I made a sort of matching envelope for it from wallpaper. This card is for my French neighbour.

As I have said before the French do not 'do' cards really, so I wanted to keep it fairly simple. I did put some flowers on it, but it did not look right somehow, it sort of over-complicated it. So the flowers went on the envelope instead.
The birthday card I am going to make next for my English friend, will be a bit more elaborate as she has given me an order to make a 25th wedding anniversary card later in the year. I have a load of ideas that I want to test out!
Thanks for looking,  watch this space,  hopefully I'll have the next card finished by Thursday...fingers crossed.

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