Sunday, May 9, 2010

Not a card, digital art

I've been wanting to up my knowledge of photoshop for sometime so I bought a French photoshop magazine for advanced users. Yeah, dive in at the deep end eh? I had to spend 2 days in hospital recently and read it cover to cover and was itching to make a start when I got home.
This took me 11hrs to create, should of been about 2hrs!  I chose this particular tutorial first because not of the actual end result, but because of the steps involved taught me what I wanted to know.
Anyway, its supposed to be based on Alice in wonderland, hence the magic mirror in her hand. However, by the time I'd reached the bit for adding the white rabbit.....I opted to add a white cat instead, by then I had some idea of how it all worked.
The original had much less colour in it, rather gloomy I thought so the overall colours are much brighter.
I did enjoy this project even though it was hard going at first.
Layers???? easy peasy lol. not! There must be at least 40 layers in this project.
Thank you to Alina Silwinska who wrote the tutorial in the magazine. The magazine is in several languages, downloadable on
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