Friday, May 14, 2010

All white???

I never did make the mans 'hessian' card, I was out by a week on his birthday. An opportunity missed. However my Friend Val, its her birthday too next week and it was a perfect excuse to create a white card. I have been wanting to do a white card for a while and thought I'd have to wait until Xmas, or a wedding (too rare) so here it is my shabby chic white card.
Only problem was, was writing 'happy birthday' I did not want to use any colours. So I used some tiny bits of vellum I had left over, and blindly embossed on it by hand with a cuttlebug folder. I am not too happy with the result but I could'nt think of any other way. My one and only 'happy birthday' stamp was too large. Thats why I'm not keen on stamps. The vellum was then glued to clear acetate. I dont have any clear 'gems' unfortunately which I really would of liked to of added.
I wanted to add lots of textures and have a lavish amount of flowers bunched together. I've seen thhis done on other cards but mine, well, I dont think I have quite got the hang of it. Other than that I am happy with the result. I made a matching envelope out of white textured wallpaper which I'll photograph tomorrow.
 So here's the white card, all white?


  1. Ooooooh....very pretty! I love all the white goodness. This is striking!

  2. WOW!!!! This is just gorgeous!!! Absolutely stunning!
    Thanks also for visiting my blog... looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous work!
    Lou xx


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