Friday, January 14, 2011

Friendship book page H & cover

Still not finished! The H page is done, which did ot photograph very well, but you get the idea.
For the cover I used some sumptuous raw silk beaded fabric. I think its bridal fabric. I love bridal fabrics, why dont they make them in different colours?  In order to move it away from the bridal look I drew on it with coloured fabric pens and coloured in some of the pearls. The closure I made from gold raw silk, its padded and I machined over the top and added some blue embroidery. That is not a button by the way, it is from a disassembled Christmas decoration lol.

And no it is not finished. I want to add some embellishments to the front, probably ribbons and another upcycled jewellery piece in the center. 
The weather has been fabulous today so I have been doing things outside instead of crafting indoors. Hopefully I shall get it completed tonight. I already have some ideas for wrapping it up in fabrics and 'stuff'

By the way the H page in particular and the closure was my very first attempt ever at embroidery.


  1. Hi Janet considering it was your first attempt at embroidery it is must keep up the good work you are very talented by the way i think your blog is fab!

  2. Oh my goodness, what beautiful work! Thank you for sharing, and also sharing lots of wonderful vintage clip art. Much gratitude.


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