Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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You'll never believe what my Doctor told me to do today........eat more chocolate and drink standard coca~cola. It's absolutely true!! Of course I fully intend to take his advice on board.....straight away! 
Well, you may wonder why. My diet is sooooo restricted that apparently I am lacking in potassium which causes leg cramps and digestive discomfort.  Chocolate....not milk chocolate because it has Lactose in it, but dark chocolate ( I can live with that) and standard coca~cola is full of potassium. And before you tell me that bananas and tomatoes are overflowing with potassium...I cannot eat them. My only resort is to take his advice. It's going to be hard.
I stopped drinking carbonated fizzy drinks years ago, so drinking coke will be purely medicinal....of course :o)  Fingers crossed that I do not find that I get problems with either of them.

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