Saturday, July 24, 2010

Orange County Choppers Card

OCC or Orange County Choppers is a TV series about Custom Motorcycle builders. My friend Mart, watches it regularly so I used OCC as the theme. So just to prove a point, you CAN put loads of flowers on a mans card!

I spent alot of time on the flowers, curling up the petals as tight as I could, and have just discovered shimmer sprays. For the flowers on the envelope I've used Copper shimmer on patterned and stamped paper.
I wanted a Grunge feel to this card, hope I have pulled it off?

I have added loads of techniques that I haven't tried yet: Using a sewing machine, lace up which is not the main element of the design, and the ripped side showing something else underneath.

Went a bit mad with the eyelets too, being as I found an eyelet setter in the garage tool box, a lucky find.
This card does not need to go through the postal system, so I was able to go mad on the envelope too, which of course is made from wallpaper.

Just to deviate from OCC a little and to hint at our generation of bikers ,I placed a Photo of Dennis Hopper (R.I.P.) in the corner looking down at Paul Tuttle who is OCC's owner. Of course Dennis Hopper starred in the classic bikers film 'Easy Rider' from the 60's. That's also why I put a small picture of Peter Fonda in the opposite corner. Both pictures taken from the movie.

Please click on the photos to see them more clearly.

Above and below, the inside of the Card
I did alot of work in Photoshop, as above I used one of OCC's logo's and changed the wording.

Below, I had great fun creating my 'Made by Jan' label in photoshop on the back of the card. I put 'Green Department Cards' as a spoof on the 'Orange County Choppers'  picture (on the envelope), because here in France the 'counties' are called departments and here where I live it is exceptionally green and lush.

THE ENVELOPE: Not sure which I like best, the actual card or the envelope!

I found a use for those ancient old stamps I found all of which were letter 'M's
I have close up shots of various elements, which I will upload to the Mens Cards page as it will be too many for a post I think.


  1. Oh my gosh - these are GREAT!!!!! Gonna have to show my hubby these...he'll get a kick out them!

  2. OMG Jan....this piece is OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING!!!! I LOVE all the detail man's card or not....this is VERY Maculinely GORGEOUS!!!


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